coTEetCI Wireless 3in1 Charging Base

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  • The new model is a docking station, which is made in an aluminum casing.
  • COTEetCI Dock 3in1 stand provides fast and gentle charging of the smartphone of all models, Watches & Airpods.
  • Dock itself is connected to the mains through a wire.
  • The mobile device is located at a very convenient angle of inclination, which makes it possible to use it without difficulty during the charging process.
  • Input: 9V 1.67A or 5V 2A
  • Output: 10W, 7.5W or 5W 2W


    Type docking station.
    Material Hard
    Model cs5169/ws-18
    Colors Black
    Compatibility Apple AirPods, Apple iPhone and Apple Watch
    Connector USB-C